Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding your own style of music !

We all listen to different kind of music .From Rock to Pop or from Hip Hop / Rap to Blues you can count them endlessly .But One thing they have in common. They should bring us joy ! If you can identify yourself with the song or the artist you have a special kind of connection to it. You listen to this one special song and all your memories  positive annd negative feelings showin up .

This makes all special . Thats why we listen to music identify ourself with those moments.
I think my personal way of music has no category. Sure its always a bit cheezy and a bit slow , but thats who i am . A lot of people will not like it , but thats ok ...cause some will ...

I formed my music to these artist cause they are my inspiration and idols .

Next up ...Sneak Peek of my own song: Fallin Leaves

Enjoy !

1 comment:

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