Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding your own style of music !

We all listen to different kind of music .From Rock to Pop or from Hip Hop / Rap to Blues you can count them endlessly .But One thing they have in common. They should bring us joy ! If you can identify yourself with the song or the artist you have a special kind of connection to it. You listen to this one special song and all your memories  positive annd negative feelings showin up .

This makes all special . Thats why we listen to music identify ourself with those moments.
I think my personal way of music has no category. Sure its always a bit cheezy and a bit slow , but thats who i am . A lot of people will not like it , but thats ok ...cause some will ...

I formed my music to these artist cause they are my inspiration and idols .

Next up ...Sneak Peek of my own song: Fallin Leaves

Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

enjoy the moment.

Recently my songwritin is not catchin up so i got a bit lazy these days ...

but its all good ... i found new inspiration and a place were i feel home ..

this week i want wrote a song thats all about beeing unstoppable in your feelings or with someone ..

i created this one in the time were i felt the strongest these recent days or month..

how fallin in love can change people right :) <3 ?

enjoy the moment of beeing yourself knowing what happens to your feelings and then get totaly 

overflown by this person or moment or maybe both ...

In all the years you grown as a Person you always searchin for this moment ..the moment  fallin in love 

and it feel so right !

She might not read this post or she is not realizing that i writin about her ..but its ok cause what 

happen with us is not putting into words ..i feel unstoppable ..all because of you <3           P.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Please don´t stop to dream !

Close your eyes before the sleep 
And your miles away 
And yesterday you were here with me <3

Want to Listen ??
Autumn Leaves- juju

This is dedicate to a very good friend of mine .

She recently past away and  i haven´t find time to say goodbye.

A dreamer , a believer , a person filled with passion, courage and a pure heart.

she said : believe in your dreams , believe in yourself.

You will always be in my heart and my thoughts .

Thank you ....

--------------------07.01.2013 ----------------

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We are Unbreakable .....

The recent days i cannot stop thinkin of the bonds we made in our life..

From  our childhood to the first grades of school to highschool or even in college .

all this bonds are made of feelings we are connected too.

You remember your first best friend ? or your closest friends that you can tell every secret ?

Are they still these friends from that day ? Or are these friends been just memories from past days ?

Either way they have an impact in your life.

Those memories are within your mind and in your heart and they are positive or negative 
it´s up to the situation..

But they are Unbreakable,cause they are important to you and you should be thankful for such experience.

They made us grow as a person yourself ..

From Love to every imageable feeling you have ...they went with u trough...

I wrote this song for all my friends and love ones...

Thank you for beeing you !

You made me what i am today .

I post the final version the upcoming week ! excited to finish this ..


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Things ..

This song stuck the whole time in my head...

Ed Sheeran is a unbelievable songwriter ....

Much love to my Bro Aone SCB who helped me to record this one !


Wiik Wiik Wiik 



Enjoy !

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Step by step ...

Now that 2013 already is rollin it´s time to set some goals that i want to reach..

i think my guitarskills need to be expanded ..

truly i think i am far away to call myself as a musician .

by the way i cut my whatever i called my hair .....xD going short ...

like a new beginning :D

But ! thats why this year will bring me a bit closer to my goals ... :3

Damn ! its pretty much i have to learn ...were do i start ?

with my equip @ home it should do the start of all ....from computer to mic all i saved my money for...

im totally broke right now....-.-

but positive thinkin :) 

Songwritin is what i really enjoy but to visualize my thoughts i need to understand music from the ground up..

im workin to record some RAW version of my songs . I think in a couple of days i post my results ..... i do the fine tuning afterwards :D ( after i learned how xD )

Fo real excited bout to learn all this stuff seems like 10000 years my brain is in pause mode ...



Sunday, January 6, 2013


Dreams ....
We all have dreams...
A person who acomplished the goal ...
beeing free from all kinds of bonds and restrictions.
feelin the all what we want ...

All the good stuff .....

Or even the Bad things....



we called them Nightmares...

but even all those bad things we cannot control and give them a minor role in our dreams it´s 

still a part of us ...

We cannot change who we are  .. but we believe in  dreams as our help for direction ..

We can change the outcome ..everytime you dream big´s up to you to make a change of direction..

Im just a normal person who dreams big ...

i will face a lot of obstacles and find new hope of following my dream.

Sounds dramatic and Over... but is that not the stuff we build our dreams ? 

If you don´t feel that all that stuff i wrote ..feel free to leave ...

But if you want to know more about chasing your  Big Dream ... than i welcome you

All that i want is share my thoughts and beeing this big dream ....

beeing myself...

welcome to my little world                                                                                          juju