Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We are Unbreakable .....

The recent days i cannot stop thinkin of the bonds we made in our life..

From  our childhood to the first grades of school to highschool or even in college .

all this bonds are made of feelings we are connected too.

You remember your first best friend ? or your closest friends that you can tell every secret ?

Are they still these friends from that day ? Or are these friends been just memories from past days ?

Either way they have an impact in your life.

Those memories are within your mind and in your heart and they are positive or negative 
it´s up to the situation..

But they are Unbreakable,cause they are important to you and you should be thankful for such experience.

They made us grow as a person ..as yourself ..

From Love to every imageable feeling you have ...they went with u trough...

I wrote this song for all my friends and love ones...

Thank you for beeing you !

You made me what i am today .

I post the final version the upcoming week ! excited to finish this ..


1 comment:

  1. Yes.
    My old bestfriend is still my bestfriend today...
    Extra - now, he is my soulmate and my father to my daughter!