Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Step by step ...

Now that 2013 already is rollin it´s time to set some goals that i want to reach..

i think my guitarskills need to be expanded ..

truly i think i am far away to call myself as a musician .

by the way i cut my whatever i called my hair .....xD going short ...

like a new beginning :D

But ! thats why this year will bring me a bit closer to my goals ... :3

Damn ! its pretty much i have to learn ...were do i start ?

with my equip @ home it should do the start of all ....from computer to mic all i saved my money for...

im totally broke right now....-.-

but positive thinkin :) 

Songwritin is what i really enjoy but to visualize my thoughts i need to understand music from the ground up..

im workin to record some RAW version of my songs . I think in a couple of days i post my results ..... i do the fine tuning afterwards :D ( after i learned how xD )

Fo real excited bout to learn all this stuff seems like 10000 years my brain is in pause mode ...



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