Tuesday, February 19, 2013

enjoy the moment.

Recently my songwritin is not catchin up so i got a bit lazy these days ...

but its all good ... i found new inspiration and a place were i feel home ..

this week i want wrote a song thats all about beeing unstoppable in your feelings or with someone ..

i created this one in the time were i felt the strongest these recent days or month..

how fallin in love can change people right :) <3 ?

enjoy the moment of beeing yourself knowing what happens to your feelings and then get totaly 

overflown by this person or moment or maybe both ...

In all the years you grown as a Person you always searchin for this moment ..the moment  fallin in love 

and it feel so right !

She might not read this post or she is not realizing that i writin about her ..but its ok cause what 

happen with us is not putting into words ..i feel unstoppable ..all because of you <3           P.

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